Three Golf Equipments Beginners Forget

Over time, with training and persistence, every beginner in any sports could turn out to be a professional.

Lessons and tips could reduce your learning curve.  Beginners in the game of golf also go through a learning curve starting with obvious pieces like a golf club.

Here are three golf equipment you may need that not so apparent in the beginning.

Golf Ball Cleaning Kit

A golf course is not as pristine as a golf course seen on TV. Gold course is pretty messy.  Your golf ball could end up in all sorts of terrain and pick up all kinds of dirt that stick to it like glue.

As you learn, you would notice how the slightest change in your attitude, your body position, and your equipment impacts your score. You’ll begin to notice little things that make a big difference. Little things like dirt attached to your golf ball that changes the physics of its.

A beginner also finds quickly how expensive even used golf ball equipment could be. Saving money is part of the game.  A golf ball cleaning kit is much less expensive than buying new set of golf balls.

Golf Umbrella

Professional golfers could be as protective of their golf clubs as any parent could be of their children.  You may have noticed those velvety golf club head covers.

Some say, why bother? You can always wear rain proof jackets, pants, etc. Golf umbrella is as much protection for your equipment as it is for you.

Golf Ball Marker

Keeping track of your score is a way to check your score, compare your skill against others and improve. That is obvious.

Play a few rounds with others and you may find out that keeping track of your golf ball may not be so easy especially when the balls land close to each other.

Ball markers help you recognize your ball and keep better scores. Just make sure that your golf markers are not the same as your golf buddies.

In the next article we go over golf exercise equipment you may never have thought about. Equipments like adjustable dumbbells, Bosu balls and balance trainers.