Training Clubhead Speed For Long Drives

Law of specificity in fitness refers to a common sense approach that is not so common.  In any activity, to improve, we need to practice that activity.

In golf, Clubhead Speed is what impacts the driving distance.  Long-drive champions know that the faster their clubhead moves during the swing, the further the ball goes.

How do you improve the clubhead speed?

The obvious answer is to practice the motions that lead to speed with the golf club.

Not so obvious is practicing the same moves using heavier loads that create resistance. This type of resistance training is not to increase bulk but to increase power.

Your power is your ability to create force quickly.  Resistance training can help you increase your power assuming that you don’t forget the law of specificity and train, in the same way, that you swing.

In case of the golf swing, you need to practice rotational power in an open kinetic chain.  A medicine ball or a single light dumbbell would work.

In resistance training, you do need progression from light and safe to heavier and effective weights. This means you need to have a few single dumbbells. You don’t need sets, and you don’t have to go crazy buying Bowflex selecttech 552 adjustable dumbbells.

Hold the medicine ball or a dumbbell in hand in front of you the same way you would hold your club with the obvious exception of the grip.

Begin a rocking motion with energy running from your feet, through your hip and core to your shoulders and arm.

Don’t just swing your arms.

This pendulum motion helps you get power from your feet, through your hip complex to your hand without over engaging your shoulders.

Without a stable core, you would swing from the shoulder that reduces your power and cause shoulder injury that moves to your elbow.

Backswing to three-quarter of your swing in the same way you move the club with the An example of this is a medicine ball

Once you get the rhythm without losing the triangle of your shoulders, arms, and hands increase the range to three-quarters golf swing.

Over time increase your speed and progress to slightly higher resistance and enjoy the faster clubhead speed and longer drives fairly quickly.